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Our Products

We are in a position to supply high quality and unique designs of home textiles in complete range like bed sheets, bed linens, bed covers, bed spreads, comforter sets, etc. from Pakistan.

We understand that you want to buy a piece of bedding that is not only good looking, but also a piece of comfort and reliability. Our bedding collection allows you to create a home unique as you are – a home more beautiful than imaginable. We strive to be the best we can be and to meet our customers’ needs and add to life’s enjoyment.


Not only deliciously soft to touch, our cotton towels have a lavish thickness that makes them look invitingly glamorous when hanging on your towel rail, and are easy to care for with a simple machine wash and tumble dry to keep their extra fine yarn fluffy and soft. The perfect way to end a luxurious soak in the bath or extra long shower, wrapping yourself in our thick and extra absorbing cotton towels is the little indulgence you can enjoy every day.

Finished Fabrics

    Fabric Finishes are used to improve the fabric in some way. This could be:
    improve the appearence - colour, pattern or sheen.
    change the texture of the fabric - embossing, brushing or smoothing
    improve the feel - softer, crisper, firmer.
    improve the drape (how the fabric hangs) - weighted
    improve wearing qualities - crease resistance, stain resistance, flammability, waterproof etc.
    modify care requirements - easy wash, quicker drying times, colourfast, less shrinkage.